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Studen is pr0 ;)


How to bot

When you've read this guide you'll hopefully know exactely how to use the bots at Let's get started!

Step 1

Download the newest version of AutoIt here it's very important that you have the latest version otherwise the bots might not work for you.

Step 2

Get a the the GW Launcher by Harboe, you'll use this program for launching Guild Wars and injecting the graphics dll. Without the graphics dll the bot won't work and you character wont move. But I'll explain that later. Download the launcher here

Step 3

Download the bot you want to use. Here are some public bots Unzip the bot and put it in a new folder.

Step 4

Now it's time to use the launcher which we've downloaded. Note that some bots inject the grapchics dll by themself and then you don't have to use the launcher. This is usually stated in the bot thread, please read the bot thread and how to for that bot you're going to use. If the bot injects the dll file just start Guild Wars, log in and start the bot.

If the bot doesn't inject automatically you'll have to use the launcher, doubble-click on the exe file which is named "GR Launcher". Now you'll see two white fields, let's start with the the field which have the "Set GW-button" next to it. Click on the "Set GW-button". Now you have to find your Guild Wars exe file which is located in you Guild Wars installation folder. Doubble-click on the Guild Wars exe file and you're done with the first field.

Let's continue with the second field, click on the "Set DLL-button", now you have to find the grapchics.dll file which should be in the folder where you downloaded the bot. NOTE THAT SOME BOTS AUTOMATICALLY INJECTS THE DLL.

Once you have the fields filled in click on the "Launch + Inject-button"

Step 5

Guild Wars will launch with the grapchics dll injected. Log in. Check your Guild Wars window name, if it says Guild Wars - You Character Name then the dll is injected and you'll be able to bot :D

Step 6

Check the How To for the bot you want to use, get the build, make sure that you have the equipment, and check if you can go to the town which the bot will run from for example. And then start the bot :D

Step 7

Go out and play soccer with your friends!

If it still wont work, read the thread where you downloaded the bot from AGAIN. And if you still can't get it to work, you may ask at

Sorry for my bad English, Studen

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