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Botting, by its very nature, will never be truly safe. There will always be risk, whether it is getting banned, or game crashes. By choosing to run a bot, you accept full responsibility for anything that happens, directly or indirectly. If the bot makes you computer explode, it's your fault. You chose to run the bot. Should something go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself.

That said, there are various steps one can take to minimize the chance of getting banned. E.g I have been botting now for more than 1 year with up to 8 accounts at once and did not get a single ban.

Bot Detection

As of this writing, it is widely believed that Guild Wars does not do anything client-side to detect bots. Instead, Guild Wars detects bots through statistical evidence. The server watches for players acting in robot-like ways.

Choosing your Bot

The first you have to think about is:"Which bot should I use?"

First rule: Private Scripts > Public Bots.

You ask why? Your own script is usually used by only one person. You. This makes it much safer. Because a public bot is used by many players, it's possible for you move or act in the same way as many other players, marking you all as obvious bots. Example:

As you can see, this is very suspicious behavior.

If you have no scripting knowledge, and are not willing to learn it, you may have to change your mind or accept a higher risk.

The Bot Account

You may think: "I need the money on my main, so I'll use the bots on it!" but, you should not use any bots on your main account. If you get banned you'll lose all the titles and other things you worked on for years. It's highly recommend to use a bot account, though this may sound like a bit "overkill." The exception, of course, are title-bots, that have rewards which can't be transferred. Be extra careful with these.

You don't have to spend "real" money for accounts. Just take a look here!

On this board you can buy farm ready bot accounts, or game activation keys for Platinum/Ectos/Zkeys. While it might seem like a lot of ecto, remember that you usually gain the money back pretty fast if you can use the bot longer, since you have more than 1 account.

Warning: Don't head straight to EotN and start botting with a new account. Wait about 3 weeks before starting to bot, this makes it a lot more safe. When someone with a brand-new account instantly starts farming, it's a bit suspicious.

Duration of Botting

Of course it's your decision how long you use the bot, but remember: Botting for 1/2 hour is of course safer than running a bot 24/7. Personally I never used the same account for more than 8 hours straight. If you have access to more than 1 account you may use them alternating, which is a good compromise between profit and safety.

The duration a bot can be run safely is largely determined by the effort the scripter put in while coding it, and if it's public. A very well coded private bot could be run all day. A poorly coded or highly popular public shouldn't be run for nearly as long.

Botting Districts

Also important is where you bot (which disctrict). If your bot travels randomly through districts, skip this part, you are perfectly prepared!

It's best to run your bot in the district you normally play in. It's also advantageous to run them in populated districts instead of empty ones, since you can hide among the people. This also presents the new possibility of robotic behavior, though. If the bot moves in a very robotic manner (or is very popular), other players may notice your odd behavior and report you for botting.

Friend List Status

Status My Advice
Online Recommend, but it's possible to recieve whispers.
Away Conspicuous, try to avoid this.
Do Not Disturb That'd be my choice.You cannot recieve whispers!
Offline DON'T use this its very conspicuous.

Transferring Money

You bought a bot-account and want to transfer your profit to your main acc?

First of all you need to launch Guild Wars two times, possible with Multi-Client. But trading 2000k with the GW trade function will often result in an account ban, due to "Goldselling".

It's highly recommend to use the following "trick" to avoid this:

You have to invite both accounts into the same party and leave the city/outpost. Now you join an "explorable area". Out here you simply drop the items (just pull 'em out of your inventory) and pick them up with your main account. You shouldn't drop amounts of 1000e at once. Split them to lower amounts and use multiple trips over the course of a few days.

This isn't as much of an issue if you actively play (as in you, not a bot) on both accounts. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the gold-seller detection code recognizes when multiple accounts are owned by the same player, and won't flag them.


Just follow this tips and you are pretty safe.

And remember: Nothing can guarantee you protection from being banned, only lessen the chance.

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