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GameRevision is in no way responsible for anything that occurs, directly or indirectly, as a result of using provided scripts. For more information, see Safe Botting.

Currently, there are three popular platforms available:

  • GWCA (Guild Wars Client API)
  • GWMI (Guild Wars Memory Information)
  • GWA² (Guild Wars AutoIt API)

None of these are standalone projects, and therefore will not do anything unless called by a botting script. All of this these use the automation program AutoIt to write botting scripts, so installing AutoIt should be the first step any botter should take. AutoIt is required to run any uncompiled (.au3) bots.


GWCA was the first botting API created. It works by injecting a .dll file into the Guild Wars game client, that is then communicated with using AutoIt. It is no longer publicly maintained, however the source code can still be found on the google-code page. This code must be updated (you're on your own) before injection into the game client will be successful.


GWMI is much like GWCA in many ways and was created by GameRevision's 'So.Sad'. Unlike GWCA and GWA², GWMI does not inject anything into the 'GW.exe' process. Because GWMI does not inject, you can load any GWMI based script after loading 'Guild Wars'.

A few things to know before using GWMI:

  • Although there is a lot of talk about needing to use a third party to scan for memory pointers and then manually update them, this is not the case. In the early releases of GWMI, you needed to scan manually and add the pointers, however, the current GWMI version has included 'Harboe's' AutoIt memory scanner which is why you no longer need to manually update.
  • In the current release (as of 01/2011) of GWMI, the system needs to be started. To do this, you must include 'GWMI_Reset()' within the scripts before using any GWMI related commands. On older versions, GWMI_Reset() was not included and this is not necessary to begin. Check with the support page or wiki page for your script.

How to Start:

  • Make sure the 'GWMI.au3' file is in the same folder as the script you would like to run.
  • Run the script you would like to start (Don't start the 'GWMI.au3' file).
  • Wait for the script to load (Usually takes < 5000ms).

Click Here to visit the download/support page.


GWA² is the most recent botting API. It uses AutoIt to automatically inject code into the game client. All that is required to run a GWA² script is to run the bot script with GWA².au3 in the same directory (or at the file location as specified by the bot). Compiled (.exe) scripts can simply be run as-is. See the official GWA² page and GWA² Troubleshooting for more information.

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