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So, I see this to being a start on trying to shit out what I know about Guild Wars automation, or botting. If you have gotten to this page, you should have at least some interest in learning how to bot. And because of this, you should know that none of us are responsible if your account get banned, suspended, maimed, raped, or nutered in the process of learning how to bot. However the chances are slim to none for any of those happening now. Just warning you though.

Anyways, on to the materials:

What you will need

  • The Auto It scripting language, as well as the full SciTe editor. Those can be found here.
  • A copy of GWA2, preferably not a "GWBible" edition to avoid headaches later. :P

The Tools

1. Coordinate Tool

All this tool will do is print out your current coordinates into chat, as well as copying them to clipboard when ran.

First of all, we must start with including GWA2. You do this by:

#include "GWA2.au3"

Next, we initialize.

There are two ways to initialize with "vanilla" GWA2, by either passing in the process ID, or by passing in the Character Name.

To keep it simple, lets just do the first process with the window title "Guild Wars".

Initialize(WinGetProcess("Guild Wars"))

Now, we can start sending and recieving data. First, the way to get coordinates is by using GetAgentById(). For example:

Local $lMe = GetAgentById(-2) ; -2 is the Player, -1 is the players target.

Next, we take $lMe and get the X and Y of that player, we use DllStructGetData to do this.

Local $X = DllStructGetData($lMe, 'X') ; Get your X coordinate.
Local $Y = DllStructGetData($lMe, 'Y') ; Get your Y coordinate.

Now we can print those out, can use WriteChat to write it as a PM, or MessageBox to pop a window. In this case we will WriteChat.

WriteChat("X: " & $X & " Y: " & $Y)

We can also then use ClipPut to put it on our clipboard.

ClipPut($X & "," & $Y)

Theres your basic coordinate tool.

2. Agent Info

3. Item Info

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