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Troubleshooting Basics

  1. Ensure you are running both the bot and the game client as an admin.
    Running the game client as an admin isn't always necessary unless you're using the Event System, but it should be tested if the bot isn't functioning or is functioning strangely.
  2. Make sure you are logged in and fully loaded into the game before initializing the bot.
  3. Run the bot in x86 mode.
    Right click on the script.
    If you see "Run Script (x86)" select it.
    If you don't see an option with (x86), then you don't need to worry about it.
    Running the bot in x64 mode will cause an error message to appear.
  4. Read any errors! They show up for a reason!

Common Errors

C:\File Path\Bot.au3 (X) : ==> Error opening the file.: 
#include "GWA².au3" 

The bot couldn't find GWA².au3. Ensure that it is in the same directory as the bot script and named correctly. Some computers using non-English languages don't like the ² symbol in the file name so it may be renamed on your computer, or the script's author may have had to rename it. Edit the script (line number given in the error) or rename the file so they match.


Minimizing the game client can cause scripts to work poorly, or not at all. Functions accessing modelstate, such as GetIsKnocked(), and GetIsAttacking() will not work. Additionally, Guild Wars will only update a few times a second.

By using DisableRendering() before minimizing, the game client will continue to update at a normal speed, but modelstate functions will still stop working after a few seconds. Please note that this function (and any problems it causes) isn't really supported and is for experts only.

Guild Wars Crashes

The most common crashes will be cause by an improperly written script, usually when the bot tries to perform an action at an inappropriate time (using a skill as you zone, for example). Bots should be carefully written to avoid sending commands during a load. Be wary of functions which repeatedly send commands like MoveTo(). One of the most common crashes is caused by using MoveTo() to walk through a portal.

There is however, a chance that your Guild Wars has become corrupted. If you believe this to be the case, try the following (this should be a last-resort):

  1. Navigate to the directory you installed Guild Wars.
  2. Delete gw.exe (not gw.dat unless you want to spend several hours re-downloading files).
  3. Download the Guild Wars client from the official site and re-install:

All of your settings will be preserved.


You can run multiple instances of Guild Wars using various tools. During the initialization of each bot, make sure you don't initialize the same client twice. This can be easily avoided using a character name in the Initialize() function.

Running two scripts on the same client may cause unexpected results. If a script utilizes the Event System, it should be run last.

Multi-botting is very stressful on a computer, and should only be attempted if your computer can handle it. Guild Wars alone can take anywhere from 400MB-800MB of memory, let alone the CPU cost of both the game and the bot. DisableRendering() can help reduce the CPU usage of Guild Wars. Like DisableRendering(), multi-botting isn't actively supported by the community, and should be left to experienced users only.

Asking for Help

First of all, make sure you've tried helping yourself first. We're not your parents, so don't expect us to do everything for you. Search the forums and see if someone else has had the same problem. If you still can't find a solution, then ask. Be as specific as possible! Post any errors you encountered. Say what the bot was doing at the time it stopped working. "The bot doesn't work," doesn't tell us anything. Saying, "I ran the bot, but it just runs into a wall when I get to X. Here are my settings," will get you a fix much faster. Help us help you!

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